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Bust a nut in glory with virtual sex movies

I’ll be the first to admit. When a close buddy of mine got his first VR headset for porn I was 100% jealous. He was bragging about watching loads of virtual sex movies and even though I had no idea how good they were I wanted to get in on this reality porn.

It wasn’t even a week later and I now was the proud owner of my own VR headset. It felt a little strange at first and while it also has a learning curve as you’d expect, it also didn’t take me long to get a grip on it. After a couple of hours and multiple fap sessions, I felt like a pro user and this made me very happy.

That was a couple of years ago now and things are even better today than they ever were before. New technology and improvements in virtual sex are happening almost on a daily basis. This means for the end-user nothing but good times because you’re the one who benefits the most.