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Month: December, 2023

Blonde pornstar Savannah Bond

Blonde pornstar Savannah Bond

If I was going to be watching Savannah Bond in action then I was going to be ending this year with a bang, just as I had planned on ending it. Savannah sure is one hell of a sweetheart. This blonde pornstar has a smoking hot body on her and some of the best breasts you’re going to see this year.

Savannah likes cock and pussy. Yes, she plays both sides of the fence and she plays them well. She is right at home with a massive cocks or the tightest pussy. If you had to ask her what she prefers I honestly think she would say both at once. That wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest, not when it comes to a pornstar babe like Savannah.

A few of us have even been lucky enough to catch her in various group sex porn scenes. I love seeing her taking on multiple dicks at once. Even when she is taking two of them she knows exactly what to do to make both of them happy. I want you to take a look with your own two eyes and find out for yourself just what this blonde bombshell with perfect tits has to offer.